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Here you can download the latest issues of The Wall. First, you must agree to the terms of use.

Our Terms of Use

  • The downloaded file remains the property of the editors at the Wallingford School Magazine Team.
  • You are free to print the magazine for personal use - but for any replication for a commercial basis, you must have specific descretion to do so from the webmaster and the editor (contact us).
  • In no way should the file be edited, duplicated or changed in any way.
  • No part of the design, content, images, text, fonts or layouts can be copied.
  • In essense - download the magazine, read it, enjoy it, print it once for yourself, bin it. No copying or editing involved.
  • You must agree to these terms of service before downloading any issue of the magazine. We also hold the right to change these terms of service accordingly at any time. If we find that the terms of use are being broken we will close down this service.

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